Female Sexual Lack of Desire Treatment – Causes of Low Libido

Low libido in women is not really talked about as much as male impotence – but it’s very common and many women will suffer it at some point in their lives.


female lack of desire treatment


Female sexual desire can fall for many reasons but the good news is if you are generally in good health you can increase libido naturally with some time tested natural herbs or supplements. Let’s look at how and why they work.

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Here are some of the reasons for loss of sexual desire in women which can occur at any age.

Low Estrogen Levels

Low estrogen levels are associated with lack of desire, arousal, and sexual weakness in women that may cause physical intercourse to be unpleasant and painful.

Low Testosterone Levels

Think it’s needed just by men? Although testosterone is seen as a male hormone it’s also needed by women and if they don’t have enough a decrease in libido follows. Women need it just like men do

Low Nitric Oxide Levels

Nitric Oxide, a chemical that allows blood to enter the sex organs, as it relaxes the blood vessels when we become aroused. If not enough of it is released then libido will suffer.

Poor Blood Circulation

An under rated key to libido and if you think about it its obvious why strong blood circulation is so vital. As soon as you become aroused, your heart pumps and blood is sent to the genital region where nitric oxide lets it enter. Any women who suffers from low libido, is likely to have poor blood circulation.

Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue and Mood

A women’s sexuality is as much in the mind as in the body and stress anxiety and fatigue all sap sex drive. It’s important that the mind is properly nourished, receives well oxygenated blood, and has correct hormonal balance. This balance can be upset by anxiety, stress, fatigue and low amounts of body energy.

Your body has an immense capacity to heal itself in many areas if given the right fuel and sexual desire will increase as the body is healed and the above problems we have looked at are taken care of by taking required health supplements.

female lack of desire treatment

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